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Sain Zahoor

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About the Horisont Foundation

Horisont Foundation is a self-governing foundation whose strategies aim at achieving a greater participation by minorities in Norwegian cultural life – both as performers, producers, administrators and not the least as a participating audience in everyday cultural life

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Cultural exchange with countries from which most minorities in Norway have come is a means to achieve such a participation . The presentation of diverse art expressions in venues such as festivals is being used to create common grounds where the majority and the minority may meet on equal terms .

The following are among the main objectives of Horsont Foundation:

To raise awareness about the ever-increasing cultural diversity;

- to stimulate dialogue with the new minorities’ art and culture which is becoming a part of mainstream life;

- to develop new methods and skills to enhance the post-colonial exchange of art and cultures between North and South and to present it by innovative means which are challenging prejudices; and

- to challenge traditional art institutions in order to make them more inclusive of the minorities’ arts.




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