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The series of Melas in Norway was started in 2001 with a small scale festival called “Mini Mela” . This festival consisted of the following: “Connections”, “Arts and Images of Contemporary Pakistan”, outdoor performances in the Vaterland Park and Moshaira at the Oslo Concert Hall.

”Connections” was a meeting between important institutions and individuals in Norway and Pakistan, aimed at crating new networks and facilitating the exchange for art

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. “Arts and Images of Contemporary Pakistan” aimed at updating Norwegian artists and art institutions on the art scene in today’s Pakistan. At this conference, on of the world’s leading experts on Sufism and the Sufi tradition in literature, Annemaria Schimmel, gave a lecture. Professor Sajida Vandal, Principal of the National College of Arts in Lahore gave a historical overview leading on to the contemporary scene; the young art critic Jalees Hazir talked about the creative dilemmas of post-partitional youths and Ajay Chhabra, Art Director of East London Mela, shared his experiences of Melas in England with the audience.

The programme of the outdoor festival at the Vaterland Park consisted of comedians as Simi Gupat, a kathak dancer performing in Oslo Mela 2002 
. Horizon Foundationwell as a number of music and dance performances. More than 6000 people attended. The group “Dub Factory” from Great Britain performed, and Simi Gupat enchanted the audience with her kathak dances . A well known writer on cuisine, Andreas Viestad, ended the outdoor festival by giving out free samples of Asian dishes.

The first Mela in Norway was ended with a Moshaira at the Oslo Concert Hall, drawing a full house and presenting dance and stage shows as well as poetry.

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