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Oslo Mela
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Mela 2004 - a summary report

The Mela festival was held at the City Hall Square on the 21st -22nd of August and the program started from around noon and lasted until late evening both days. During these two days the Mela was visited by 70 000 people, and the feedback has been positive. Both the media who covered Mela and the visitors of Mela have called the Oslo Mela 2004 a huge success.

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Mela 2002 

In September 2002, the largest celebration of Pakistani art and culture ever staged outside Pakistan took place in Oslo. The objective of the festival Mela 2002 was to present the arts and cultural heritage belonging to the larges ethnic minority living in Norway as part of a bilateral cultural exchange. In a long-term perspective, the aim is to increase minorities’ participation on the Norwegian contemporary art and culture scene.


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The series of Melas in Norway was started in 2001 with a small scale festival called “Mini Mela”. This festival consisted of the following: “Connections”, “Arts and Images of Contemporary Pakistan”, outdoor performances in the Vaterland Park and Moshaira at the Oslo Concert Hall.




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